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Heya Lovelies,

Today in Second Life, at Mini A Chuu Exhibition and Shop, I organized a little interview with one of my favourite photography artists in the wonderful virtual world Second Life, Wiwi Portland-Swot. I have made a decision to reach out to my idols to actually let them speak about themselves, telling their own stories (each of them is very unique and I can’t wait to write about them all ♥). But I guess you are wondering what does that have to do with Mini A Chuu arts? The answer to that is each artist that I interviewed paid a lot of attention to the tiniest of details to create a new masterpiece each time they publish something similar to when you paint a miniature, and it is through this characteristic that I decided to expand the scope of Mini A Chuu to more than just about dioramas. And Wiwi will be the first photography artist in my interview with virtual artist series.

wiwi 2
orange fall by Wiwi Portland-Swot

A little introduction about Wiwi: In the magnificent virtual world of Second Life, she is known under the username wiwi.swot and a display name of Wiwi Portland-Swot for more than three years now. Her original rezday is on the 12th of January 2007 (it’s coming up so plan a secret gift for her guyssss :D, ok it’s not so secret after this…). And along with her almost 13 years worth of journey, she really enjoyed meeting friends, designing things, doing photography for her blog and even talking about Second Life is something she would enjoy. Second Life had changed and improved so much over her 13 years of observation now, she enjoyed living in any given moment to experience something new every time and even after being in here for so long, Second Life is still so exciting to her because continuously, more and more amazing things keep emerging like Mesh, Bento, and now Bake on Mesh. Oh and how did we meet? I was actually in my very early days of photography on Flickr and was wandering around finding inspiration and I bumped into her :D.

Wiwi 1
angel sheep on my shoulder – should I listen? – by Wiwi Portland-Swot

So what inspires this artist in her photography? She answered that it is all about the moment, at any given moment there’s a beautiful glimpse that they wanted to capture and especially in Second Life, where there is no boundary to limits as per compared to Real Life photography (you can’t take a shot while flapping your wings in RL for example 😛 don’t try this at home). The only limitation is in your head, a dream where you are able to weave into reality and capture it. After playing with the builds, the lightings to get the perfect capture, she would then edit them to enhance the pictures and makes them look as realistic as possible.

Wiwi 3
see me by Wiwi Portland-Swot

When blogging for a brand, it is a requirement to portray the items as best as they can and in turn, she would take that into account and mix it in with the messages that she wanted to convey to create the theme for the picture. Feelings or thoughts like how it would be like to be in those particular places at that moment, what thoughts are going through her head and if there is anything that is scaring her, she would want to capture them inside the pictures too. Like this one below here, where she portrayed her social anxiety in a group of people that are too close to her.

Wiwi 4
too close by Wiwi Portland-Swot

Along with her experience and each time she published a picture, she had learned a lot in ways to improve the expression of her pictures better and it is a never-ending journey of learning to create her very own style of photography. In her vision, her future works will look as realistic as possible to convey her true feelings at that moment better. As SL develops so quickly along with all the talented designers who create things that always look more and more amazing, her works will be easier but there are a lot of things to learn as well. She recently just started creating 3D objects too and that is super exciting :D.

wiwi 5
this world by Wiwi Portland-Swot

Not just admiring her works, I gave her a little challenge to have me as a model and do a collaborated picture together. She selected a theme of shopping girls and took me to Drune: East of Eden sim so that we can have a style comparison, it was really fun to do and here are our final products :D.

Wiwi’s version
Taxiiiii!! – By Chuu Hikari Akamine

So there you have it, a little insight into Wiwi’s works and these are just the ones that I picked out personally, be sure to follow her Flickr, Instagram and check out her Portland-Swot blog.

Lots of Love as per always,

Chuu ♥


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