The official opening of Mini A Chuu

Hey friends,
so once more the Fantasy Faire has started, and a lot of you have asked me to update info when it comes to the Tabletop games and here it is, the schedules for all the games there are to be the very first one is hosted by our amazing Game Master- Kitori Skeleton on Friday, April 19th from 5pm- 9pm, be sure to read the rules and all that bits, join in or watch the story being unfold. Have more of a read here
In addition, my diorama shop Mini A Chuu is finally opened now at the Fantasy Faire and are displaying 3 of my proudest works so far, 2 of which are set as a Relay For Life supports vendors for as long as I am to exist to help raise funds to support cancer patients and research for a cure. It is fully compatible with the genius Tabletop Game System and miniatures of /studioDire/ which is next door to my shop.
so be sure to check both our shops out at the Faire, and hope everyone will have a great time with the Fantasy Faire of 2019.
So far with my efforts and hard work of building the stage and hosting the performances for Second Life Cheerleading Squad at Genesia. I have managed to raise 22550L$ (90usd) for Relay For Life, in support for the cancer patients and research for a cure. So yeap I am uber duper proud of myself ♥ and as long as my shop and me are to exist, I will continue to support Relay For Life with all of my abilities on two fronts, American Cancer Society and Australia Cancer Council!
Magical Chuu ♥

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